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Advice, COVID, Wellbeing

Why HR needs to get a grip on holiday

April 2021

Advice, COVID, Events, Webinar

‘How it started, how it’s going’ – Watch our webinar

February 2021

Advice, COVID, Employment Law

Vaccinating against Covid-19: considerations for HR teams

February 2021


Five Covid-proof alternatives to the office Christmas party

December 2020

Advice, COVID, Interview

Ten key questions facing the legal sector

November 2020

COVID, Leadership

Will COVID spell the end of hierarchy?

November 2020

COVID, Wellbeing, Wellbeing OL

Beyond COVID: supporting the wellbeing of a hybrid workforce  

November 2020

COVID, Learning & Development

How informal, ad-hoc learning can still happen remotely

November 2020


International travel: Will overseas trips be grounded forever?

November 2020

COVID, Wellbeing

Presenteeism in a pandemic: standing firm on sickness

November 2020

COVID, Reward, Wellbeing OL

Reward in a pandemic: How firms are protecting their future

October 2020


Law firms pay back furlough cash

October 2020

COVID, Insight, Webinar

Managing the Hokey-Cokey Firm: Watch our webinar

October 2020

COVID, Internal Communications, Recruitment

Why virtual onboarding can still be a warm welcome

September 2020

COVID, Early Talent, Recruitment

Are graduate schemes and apprenticeships still taking place in the pandemic?

September 2020

COVID, Equality & Inclusion, Interview

Chris Oglethorpe: lockdown and the authentic self

September 2020

COVID, Insight

Future office: blending working from home with HQ

September 2020

COVID, Interview

Maintaining legal internships through the pandemic

August 2020

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