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People not HR – why we changed our brand

So we used to be called HR in Law – now we’re not. We’ve decided to fly under a different flag, People in Law. Admittedly it’s a modest change, but it’s one we consider important. And to help explain why, here’s the story.

When we were HR in Law our ambitions were comparatively modest. We were all about enhancing the experience of HR in law firms. And we were successful. We brought HR professionals a wide range of new and useful activities, including regular training sessions, meet-ups, an annual conference and even a glitzy awards ceremony.

As People in Law we’ll still be doing those useful things. But we’ll be stepping up a gear, offering more – and not just to HR per se.

We’ve adopted a brave new purpose: Advancing people management across the legal sector. And to realise it, we need to extend our scope and engage with people who don’t consider themselves HR professionals.

So whilst HR is still our core, we’re also reaching out to those in Recruitment, Learning and Development, Reward and so on. We’re also keen to engage with people in the wider legal world with an interest in people management, such as Senior Partners, Managing Partners, COOs and People Partners.

So that’s why we’re now about people, and not just HR. To facilitate our enhanced ambitions, and to bring more – and more types of – people into the fold. We hope that you recognise our logic, and get inspired to help the new-look us on our journey.

Andrew Baird
Director of Consulting, Blackbridge, and advisor to People in Law

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