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Travelling to the EU for legal business on a ‘fly-in/fly-out’ basis – Kingsley Napley survey

As we all get to grips with new rules following Brexit, our friends at Kingsley Napley would value your input on their survey relating to ‘fly-in/fly-out’ (FIFO) lawyers.

The results will be compiled and shared with you to provide a snapshot of what key issues law firms are facing on this subject.

As a result of Brexit, many UK law firms are grappling with the rules around their British citizen lawyers travelling to the EU, on a FIFO basis for legal business or work. As there are different rules for each EU country, it is difficult to be clear on what is permitted as a business visitor; where a work permit may be required, what the scope of your practice rights might be and whether there are any employment issues around COVID-19.

Kingsley Napley have a resolute focus on providing immigration, regulatory and employment services to the legal sector, and producing clear, accessible guidance for law firm clients who will have British citizen lawyers travelling to the EU on a FIFO basis.

To help understand and address your needs they would appreciate your assistance completing this short survey, covering such points as: What are your main concerns, are you clear on the rules and what issues do you need to address on travelling to the EU for your law firm?

Many thanks in advance for your input. If you have any queries in relation to the survey please drop us a line.

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Kingsley Napley LLP is an internationally recognised law firm based in central London. Our wide range of expertise means that we can support our clients in all areas of their business and private life, when it matters most to them.

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