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Neurodiversity workshop with Exceptional Individuals


£60 +VAT for members

27 Oct 2021 — Online


Please join us for our upcoming neurodiversity workshop with Ruth-Ellen Danquah, Neurodiversity Trainer at Exceptional Individuals, on Wednesday 27th October.

This workshop allows teams to embrace different ways of thinking to improve management leadership, workforce diversity and talent support.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to understand the basics of neurodiversity in the workplace. They will also know how to support their neurodivergent colleagues, and be able to conduct best practice.

Learning outcomes

  • Managers will be able to understand and support best practice of getting the most out of their neurodivergent colleagues.
  • Managers will demonstrate the ability to apply reasonable adjustments in open workspaces, including inclusive practices, hardware and software solutions.
  • Managers will be able to identify potential areas for neurodivergent unconscious discrimination, evaluate current practices, and how they could affect people with dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism and ADHD to develop inclusive solutions.
  • Managers will demonstrate the ability to evaluate, integrate, and apply appropriate considerations from the range of neurodivergent conditions to the hiring process, current staff and potential customers.

Areas of exploration

  • What is a Spikey Profile, understanding neurodiversity
  • Interactive quiz, current knowledge and bust myths
  • Types of Neurodivergent Learners – how a different way of thinking has allowed them to succeed
  • Case studies on the benefits Neurodivergence – the terminology
  • Know the Law – Equality Act 2010
  • What is neurodiversity?
    • Dyslexia Empathy
    • What is Autism – know the spectrum
    • Dyspraxia – What is it?
    • ADHD – The pros of an active mind

About the speaker

Ruth-Ellen Danquah’s work with some of the biggest names in business lends itself to memorable workshops full of practical takeaways which help to build neuro-inclusive workplaces at The Financial Times, HSBC, Endemol Shine & Lush to name a few.

As a Delivery Lead for Exceptional Individuals she delivers neuro-inclusive programmes through training, mentoring & coaching. In addition, she carries out work workplace needs assessments so that neurodivergents have the support to thrive in the workplace.

Ruth-Ellen brings over 10 years experience of working in the neurodiversity space;  As an author of The Rejection Sensitivity Journal for ADHD, speaker, & trainer she believes labels are for jars and not for people so creates safe spaces for people to belong.

Course cost£60 +VAT for members. If you would prefer to be invoiced rather than pay for the course through Eventbrite, please email

Date & Time

Wed, 27th October 2021
09:30 – 11:00

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